After working on a CBS Bloopers Special and on two After School Specials for ABC, Ren met Production Designer Michael Clausen. He went on to Art Direct two movies with him: “Working Trash” starring Ben Stiller and George Carlin, and “The Entertainers” starring Bob Newhart and Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee, Bubbles. This launched Ren’s career as a Production Designer on several music videos including: “Don’t Surrender” by Joan Jett and “Beautiful” by Joydrop. It wasn’t long before he signed with Agent Barbara Saewitz who helped set his career into high gear with “The Blackout” an Abel Ferrara film starring Mathew Modine and Dennis Hopper. Simultaneously, Barbara negotiated a lucrative contract between Ren and International Commercial Production Company Paradiso Films. His relationship with Paradiso developed into seven years of Designing several dozen commercials and music programs throughout the World. In that time Ren also managed to Design two Feature Films: “Cafe and Tobacco” Directed by Michael Justiz and “Friends and Lovers” starring Steven Baldwin and Robert Downey Jr.


Ren Blanco’s career was now well established. He went on to Design five more Feature Films, two Seasons of  “Ocean Ave”, three high profile restaurants in South Beach and Santa Monica, countless commercials, Webisodes, and Special Features. In the last three years Ren has completed “The Power of Few” a feature film starring Christian Slater and Cristopher Walken., and has consistently worked with five talented  Directors on many toy commercials.


With over twenty years of Movie experience, Ren Blanco is a well rounded Production Designer. He elegantly coveys his creative vision through detailed conceptual drawings with a great sense of scale and space. He is both a fine Artist with a brush and with a pen. Ren’s inspiration has also manifested in his writing. He’s written four Fantasy  and Sci-Fi Movie scripts, rich in imagery.


Ren and his wife Stephanie, a Wardrobe Stylist, live in Venice Beach California. Together they head Scatter Landing, a creative camp at The Burning Man Arts and Music Festival in Nevada, yet another leading role in an illustrious career.


“Ren Blanco continues to make his mark on Hollywood by remaining fearless as Knieval, fair as Earp and talented like Roark.”


Ren Blanco was born and raised in Miami, Florida,  the son of Cuban Immigrants. As a child he was quite independent.  He blazed trails on his dirt bike, rode his horse “Kihaffa” like a Cowboy, and built intricate  forts at the family Ranch located two hours North-West of  the City. He was  Homecoming King and was voted Most Popular at Miami Coral Park High. He was always well liked, confident and very creative. Ren was like Evel Knieval, Wyatt Earp and Howard Roark rolled into one… He enjoyed playing all of those roles and dreamed of one day working in Hollywood.


He went on to study Architecture at  The University of Florida and Building Construction at Florida International University. At age twenty he moved to Venice Beach, California to pursue an Acting career. His first job However, was that of a Production Assistant on ” Zapped Again”, a Teen movie Directed by Doug Campbell. Ren was finally in Hollywood , delighted to be doing  grunt work  on a Motion Picture.


 While on set,  Ren was introduced to Rhaz Zeisler, the film’s Production Designer. After only a couple of weeks, Ren convinced Rhaz to view his portfolio, consisting mostly of Conceptual Architectural Renderings, Working Drawings, and illustrations of animated characters he developed as part of a personal project.  She immediately took him under her wing,  promoting him to Set Dresser on that very film. She then brought him on as Art Director for “Simply Mad About the Mouse”, a compilation of classic Disney songs performed by Contemporary Artists. Ren created original animation, and designed sets for music videos featuring: Billy Joel, Ric Ocasek, Wilson Phillips, LL Cool J and Harry Connick Jr. Ren was hooked on the creative nature of the Art Department, put Acting on ice, and a new trail was blazed.


When the job ended,  Ren continued working on music videos for Nelson and for Aerosmith. He collaborated with Rhaz on the stage design for the first annual Billboard Music Awards. The kid from Florida, hungry for bigger projects, was soon hired as an in-house Art Director to Production Designer Jeremy Railton. Along with a couple of other Art Directors, Ren contributed to several high profile projects for Disney Imagineering, to Sid and Marty Kroft’s Renaissance project at The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, and to “The Two Jakes”, sequel to “Chinatown” starring Jack Nicholson. Working with Jeremy proved to be the greatest education in Production Design for Ren. There he developed and perfected the skills he needed to move confidently toward being an Independent Art Director.